2019 CT Div 1 State Championships

May 11, 2019
Lakeville, CT
USAU-sanctioned CT State high school championships. All players need to be active USAU members, and all teams need to have certified coaches and a chaperone. More information will be provided by Dan Griffiths and Trevor Charles.

The first round game of pool play (with a 7:00 a.m. start time!) will take place the week before the tournament. Seeding will be announced after games on the weekend of April 28.

The format is three pools of 4, followed by three 4-team brackets:
A Bracket - Winners of each pool + one wild-card from the 2nd place finishers.
B bracket - Remaining two 2nd place finishers + two wild cards from the 3rd place finishers.
C bracket - Remaining four teams.

Wild cards will be based on:
1. point differential
2. total points scored
3. total wins
4. coin toss

We'll have trainers on site, and use 10 fields so that we can run the D1 and D2 tournaments at the same time.
Game ToPoint CapSoft Time CapHard Time CapTime-outs
Pool Play111365 minutes +275 minutes1/half +1
Bracket Play111375 minutes +290 minutes1/half +1