The Cambridge School of Weston

Schedule & Results
Apr 10L 12-15 Covenant Christian Academy Varsity
Apr 12W 15-6 BU Academy
Apr 17W 15-6 Commonwealth
Apr 18W 13-12 Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall
Apr 24L 12-15 Covenant Christian Academy Varsity
Apr 27W 5-4 Somerville High School B Team
Apr 29L 6-15 Gann Academy
May 1L 8-15 Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall
May 8W 15-2 BU Academy
May 10L 13-15 Concord Academy
May 13W 14-13 Gann Academy
May 15W 15-4 Commonwealth
May 18L 7-11 Concord Academy
May 18W 11-6 Marianapolis Prep Varsity
May 18W 11-3 Watkinson School
May 18W 11-6 Covenant Christian Academy Varsity
May 28W 15-10 Sharon High School JV-1
Team Information
Location Weston, MA RRI 1706 Contact
Kevin Smith : Email or for scheduling
CSW's A-Team (VARSITY) - For a full schedule and record, please visit the "Ultimate Frisbee A" team section of our website, Also, please note that tournament results will be entered after each tourney.