Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall

Schedule & Results
Apr 5W 11-8 Pingree
Apr 9L 6-15 Gann Academy
Apr 11L 3-15 Concord Academy
Apr 13W 8-5 Northampton HS Boys JV
Apr 13L 6-12 Amherst JV B
Apr 13W 11-3 Longmeadow High School B
Apr 13L 1-11 Deerfield Academy
Apr 16L 3-15 Gann Academy
Apr 18L 12-13 The Cambridge School of Weston
Apr 29L 10-15 Covenant Christian Academy Varsity
May 1W 15-8 The Cambridge School of Weston
May 6W 8-2 Commonwealth
May 8L 13-15 Covenant Christian Academy Varsity
May 10W 15-8 BU Academy
May 13W 15-7 Commonwealth
May 18W 6-5 Covenant Christian Academy Junior Varsity
May 18L 4-10 Hotchkiss School JV
May 18W 11-3 Choate Rosemary Hall JV
May 18W 10-8 Williston Northampton
Apr 4L 5-13 Gann Academy
Apr 6L 10-13 Pingree
Apr 8L 2-15 Covenant Christian Academy Varsity
Team Information
Location Waltham, MA RRI 1577 Contact
Steven Christenson - - 781-296-3621
We are a Boston-area independent high school, 9th-12th grade, with a total enrollment of 180. Our Ultimate program has been running, in one form or another, for 15 years. This season, there are 47 players on the roster - 20 on the A team and 27 on the B team. Both teams are co-ed. We play single league games (MBIL), several out-of-league games, and a couple tournaments (NMH, NEPSUL).