Chase Collegiate School

Schedule & Results
Apr 5L 1-15 Watkinson School
Apr 12L 7-12 Greens Farms Academy
Apr 17L 2-15 The Master's School
Apr 19L 4-15 Wooster School
Apr 21L 3-15 The Master's School
Apr 22L 2-11 Watkinson School
Apr 22L 3-11 Wooster School
Apr 26L 4-10 The Forman School
Apr 28L 6-15 Oxford High School
Apr 29L 8-9 The Forman School
May 1L 3-15 Xavier High School
May 3L 9-13 The Gunnery
May 8L 8-14 Marvelwood School
May 10L 6-15 Watkinson School
May 16W 14-7 The Forman School
May 17L 4-15 Watkinson School
May 21W 11-3 North Branford High School
May 21L 7-11 Oxford High School
May 21W 10-4 Amity Regional High School
May 21L 7-10 Avon High School
Team Information
Location Waterbury, CT RRI 1547 Contact
Coach: Justin Kenworthy
Looking for games in the NY, MA, RI, CT area. Part of the CTUL as well as NEPSUL and HVAL.