Marvelwood School

Schedule & Results
Apr 7L 7-15 Chase Collegiate School
Apr 9L 4-5 The Forman School
Apr 13L 3-15 Poughkeepsie Day School
Apr 14L 14-15 New York Military Academy
Apr 16L 6-15 Poughkeepsie Day School
Apr 18L 8-15 Oakwood Friends School
Apr 20L 0-15 Oakwood Friends School
May 2L 7-15 Oxford High School
May 5W 15-5 Darrow School
May 9W 15-5 New York Military Academy
May 11 --- Darrow School
Team Information
Location Kent, CT RRI 1490 Contact
Dana Mason is the AD and does the scheduling. The phone number is (860) 927-0047, ext. 46. Head Coach is Paige Root
Marvelwood is looking to play other teams in the Connecticut area.