Watkinson School

Schedule & Results
Apr 5W 15-1 Chase Collegiate School
Apr 12L 10-12 Wooster School
Apr 13W 15-3 The Forman School
Apr 15W 15-0 Darrow School
Apr 19W 11-9 The Master's School
Apr 22W 11-2 Chase Collegiate School
Apr 22W 11-7 Wooster School
Apr 24W 15-7 MacDuffie
May 1W 15-5 The Master's School
May 3W 15-1 The Forman School
May 10W 15-6 Chase Collegiate School
May 13L 10-14 Hotchkiss School
May 13W 10-4 Fairfield Ludlowe High School
May 13W 7-6 Choate Rosemary Hall Varsity
May 13L 3-11 Middletown High School
May 13L 3-9 Wooster School
May 17W 15-4 Chase Collegiate School
May 19L 8-15 Wooster School
Team Information
Location Hartford, CT RRI 2143 Contact
Kerry Boyle, Athletic Director 180 Bloomfield Avenue Hartford, CT 06105 (860) 236-5618
First year team looking for games in the Hartford area.
Website www.watkinson.org