Wooster School

Schedule & Results
Apr 11W 13-7 Watkinson School
Apr 14W 11-0 Chase Collegiate School
Apr 14W 11-1 Oxford High School
Apr 14W 11-0 The Gunnery
Apr 18W 15-2 Chase Collegiate School
Apr 21W 11-0 Watkinson School
Apr 21W 11-2 Chase Collegiate School
Apr 21W 11-0 The Forman School
Apr 25W 10-8 Hotchkiss School
Apr 28W 13-2 Scarsdale
Apr 28W 13-6 Amherst JV A
Apr 28L 7-11 Northfield Mount Hermon
May 2W 15-0 The Master's School
May 2W 15-1 The Master's School
May 9W 15-0 The Forman School
May 12W 11-1 Xavier High School
May 12W 11-1 Newtown High School
May 12W 9-4 Watkinson School
May 12W 11-6 Sheehan High School
May 12L 6-9 Hotchkiss School
May 14W 15-4 Chase Collegiate School
May 19W 11-4 Deerfield Academy
May 19W 8-6 Phillips Academy Varsity
May 19L 2-11 Northfield Mount Hermon
May 19W 7-6 Watkinson School
Team Information
Location Danbury, CT RRI 2440 Contact
The Coach is Karl Schwoerke. E-mail: karl.schwoerke@woosterschool.org or kschwoerke@comcast.net Phone: 860-690-2337
Seventh year team just beginning to explore the CT Ultimate landscape. Looking to play tournaments for the third time this year.
Website www.woosterschool.org