Oakwood Friends School

Schedule & Results
Apr 3L 4-15 Marvelwood School
Apr 6L 9-13 Darrow School
Apr 10W 15-8 New York Military Academy
Apr 13W 15-11 Storm King School
Apr 17L 12-15 Marvelwood School
Apr 18L 1-15 Poughkeepsie Day School
Apr 24W 15-9 New York Military Academy
May 1W 15-5 Storm King School
May 6L 7-15 Poughkeepsie Day School
May 8W 14-9 Darrow School
May 13W 15-2 New York Military Academy
May 15L 9-10 Marvelwood School
Team Information
Location Poughkeepsie, NY RRI 1579 Contact
Athletic Director and Grand Scheduler is Charlie Butts: cbutts@@oakwoodfriends.org A-team coach and Director of "Everything is Awesome" is Chad Cianfrani: ccianfrani@oakwoodfriends.org B-Team coach and Commissioner of No-Nonsense is Sasha Skulsky: sskulsky@oakwoodfriends.org
A 9th year team with a slew of new players and few returning. The turtle has risen from the ashes and defeated Pikachu for top spot as team mascot. The team is a true co-ed squad this year, with a solid balance on every point. We are looking forward to a fun season with a mix of A-team and B-team game.
Website www.oakwoodfriends.org