Poughkeepsie Day School

Schedule & Results
Apr 3W 15-3 Storm King School
Apr 10W 15-0 Darrow School
Apr 12W 12-11 Marvelwood School
Apr 18W 15-1 Oakwood Friends School
Apr 22W 15-7 Darrow School
Apr 24W 15-3 Storm King School
May 6W 15-7 Oakwood Friends School
May 8W 15-5 New York Military Academy
May 9W 15-1 New York Military Academy
May 10W 15-1 Marvelwood School
May 15W 15-6 Darrow School
May 17W 15-7 Marvelwood School
Team Information
Location Poughkeepsie, NY RRI 1926 Contact
The main school number is 845-462-7600. Lisa McVey is the Athletic Director, and her extension is 225. The coach is Daniel Fisherman (momshead@gmail.com), and the assistant coach is Guido Aresi.
The team is part of the Hudson Valley Athletic League (HVAL).
Website http://athletics.poughkeepsieday.org/teams/varsity-ultimate-frisbee/